Pastel Baby Octopus

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Bobbie Octopus Baby is bonny in blue, and loves to swish around the ocean, whirling all those arms! Dreamily soft, this smiley scamp has rich textured tentacles in beigey cordy fur. Shake hands with Bobbie and each arm will spring back into a curl!


Candie Octopus Baby is sugar-sweet, with wonderfully curly, springy arms. Squishy, soft and stylish, this little sea friend has a soft pink head and cordy beigey under-tentacles! Octopuses are super-smart, and Candie can help you count up to eight! 6" tall


This delightful little miss from Jellycat is called Peachie and she is looking for a new home! She is cute and playful and certain to become your instant best friend making her the perfect companion! She has super soft, peach coloured fur and her smile is warm and inviting whilst her black eyes glow with joyous fun. Her tentacles dangle below her body, constantly getting tangled around each other in an adorable way!

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